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Old Warren Primary School, Lisburn
Covid 19 - PHA Change of Procedure Please read the letter from Chief Medical Officer and letter from Principal dated Friday 10th September
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Staffing 2016-17

Principal + 6 full-time teachers and three part-time teachers.

Enrolment for September 2016:

141 Primary aged pupils
26 Nursery aged pupils


Leadership Team
Mr S G Campbell (Principal)
Mr A Williamson (Vice-Principal)


Teaching Staff 
Mr A Williamson/ Mr S Campbell P7
Mr G Dugan P6
Mrs H Hughes P5
Mrs C Fox / Mrs Wilson P4
Mrs S Kerr P3
Miss E Deehan P2
Mrs K Jebb P1
Mrs J Wilson-Jolly Nursery
Mrs A Evans Nursery


Classroom Assistants 
Mrs A McAleenan Nursery
Miss G Waring P1
Mrs T McClenaghan P2

Miss K McMullan

Mrs N McAleenon


P3 P7




Homework and Breakfast Club

Miss K McMullan

Mrs S Richardson


Clerical Staff

Mrs J Galbraith



Mrs J McCracken
Mrs B Hawthorne

Mr G McCracken


Supervisory Assistants

Mrs S Richardson
Mrs J McCracken

Mrs N Mc Aleenon

Mr N Spratt


Dining Hall Staff
Mrs H Jordan
Mrs B Hawthorne